Private In-Home Tutoring For High School Students

Mar 2017

There are many parents out there that think of private in-home tutoring as a significant additional expense that they would need to come up with over-and-above normal school fees and extra-mural activities. However, private tutoring can result in one of the best tools a high-school student can dramatically benefit from.

The Top Advantages Linked With Private In-Home Tutoring

For High School Students

According to Hayden McEvoy, CEO of  Gold Coast Home Tutoring Company “A Team Tuition”; there are usually two categories as to why students may need private tutoring. The most typical would be that they are struggling to keep up with their school work and studies which has negatively impacted their grades. Or for the students that is already maintaining their grades but would like to excel further. The students in the last two grades of high school are able to gain the best advantages out of private tuition due to the fact that it will prepare the student for University or college education in a far superior way.

Private In-Home Tutoring Gold Coast

Here are a few of the top advantages linked with services that offer in-home private tutoring:

Personalized Tuition

The student is provided with personal attention that is generally not available or on offer in the standard classroom environment. When the student is able to work one-on-one with a private tutor, they are guaranteed that they are offered with 100% attention. This personalized tutoring allows for the tutor to quickly assess where there are issues. Over and above this, the foundation of specific subjects which may have not been implemented correctly or explained to the student can be revisited or re-explained. These techniques encourage the student in gaining a better understanding on the subject. This approach instills confidence and a way for the student to recognize how they are progressing.

Mastering Of Study Techniques

It is strongly believed that perhaps the best advantage of the in-home private tutoring services is that the tutor is educated, experienced and enthusiastic. These particular attributes is a real benefit to a student because the tutor is able to impart wisdom and skills that are needed to boost the way in which the student learns or studies. Another great advantage is that the tutor is able to teach the student about how to manage their time more effectively in managing the different subjects as well as the correct way in which to answer questions in exams and tests.

A Positive And Neutral Work Environment

Unfortunately today the teaching career has become an extremely stressed type of employment and for many teachers the passion and enthusiasm which they once had is lost to the pressure associated with deadlines, planning, marking and teaching in overcrowded classrooms. However, a private tutor typically has genuine enthusiasm and passion for their work and this is displayed in the way in which they teach.

At-home private tutoring for high school students offers a method to expand the mind’s of the students about knowledge that is far better when compared to typical schooling environments. A qualified tutor who is truly passionate and excited about the subject or subjects they teach results in a strong impact on the way in which the student learns as well as bringing life to the subjects which may have been once dull or impossible to understand.

Increase In Self-Esteem And Self Confidence

In general the majority of students have hopes and dreams that they will be able to succeed in school. However, in many cases this is sadly not what will always happen. There are actually an alarming number of high school students that will battle with studies and school work due to low self confidence or self-esteem. When students under perform that are often left feeling inadequate and these feeling eventually spill over to other areas in their lives.

This lack of self-confidence usually means that when a student has questions in the classroom or need a further explanation they are fearful to do so in case of what others may think of them. This results in unanswered questions more confusion that often progresses into more stress and dismay especially when a test or exam in just around the corner. Private tutoring offers a way for the student to build up their confidence levels and a way to truly understand what they are learning about.

Tips For Creating Training Courses For Educational Institutions

Mar 2017

Are you creating some sort of training course for an educational institution? If you’re trying to put together a training course, you’ll want to make sure that you do your best work. People are going to be learning from your course, and you’ll want to make sure that they get the kind of education that they are looking for.

Follow these tips and you’ll be able to create the perfect training program.

Come Up With A Strong Curriculum

If you want your program to be successful, you’re going to need to focus a lot of attention on the program’s curriculum. This isn’t the sort of thing that you can play by ear. If you want your program to work, you’re going to have to put a lot of thought into what you teach your students.

Start to put together a curriculum as soon as you know what the course will be teaching. Make sure you devote enough time to each subject. Ensure that your students are learning everything that they need to learn. Edit the curriculum as needed so that you can cover everything that you need to.

Develop Learning Objectives

The goal of your program shouldn’t just be to educate your students. You should focus on teaching them a specific set of skills. You may want to come up with learning objectives. If you have objectives, you’ll be able to work to reach all of those objectives.

Think about what a student would want out of your course. Are you training them to do a particular job? Are you giving them lessons that will help them to find a career? Think about the goals that your students might have, and work to help them reach those goals.

Mix Things Up

You don’t want your class to be the same every single day. Students can get bored easily. If you want to keep their attention, you are going to have to change things up from time to time.

Make a point of offering some variety in your course. Don’t teach from the same book every day; try to teach people in different ways. Step outside of your box and work to provide people with a robust training experience.

Utilize Repetition

People don’t always learn new skills the first time. In many cases, people need to repeat things a few times before they are able to commit these things to memory. You should always try to utilize repetition in your course. If you repeat things enough times, all of your students will be able to learn the things you’re trying to teach.

You might want to use mnemonic devices as well. When you couple this with repetition, people can learn a lot of new information in a short period of time.

Test People On Their Knowledge

It’s important to make sure that your students are actually soaking up the information that you are trying to teach them. If your students aren’t learning the things that you are teaching, they’re not going to be able to pass your class.

You shouldn’t just wait until the finals to test your students. You should try to administer brief tests on a regular basis. See which areas people are struggling in. If a lot of people are struggling with the same concept, you may have to alter the way that you are teaching that concept.

Give People The Chance To Apply Their New Knowledge

There is only so much that can be learned from a video or a textbook. If people really want to master certain skills, they are going to have to use them.

When people have the opportunity to utilize the things they have been learning, their brains will be able to transfer that information from short term memory to long term memory. If people don’t get any practical experiences, they may forget what they’ve learned before they have the chance to use it.

While creating a training program can be a challenge, you should be able to put together a strong course if you follow these tips. Utilize these suggestions so that you can create the right program for the educational institution you are working with.

Lee Perlitz is CEO of Lee Perlitz Training Consultancy, a provider of training resources for Registered Training Organisiations in Australia